Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland- Dec. 26,2010

Wayne here,

We had a very nice snow here in NC on the 26th. We got about 4-5 inches of snow in one night! We just missed having a white Christmas which doesn't happen often according to my mom. Oh well though, at least we got snow this year, and a good one at that. My family went outside to play in it and enjoy it while it lasted. We all had a blast! I especially loved to dig my head in it and throw my head back throwing it all over myself as if to cool down, even if it was not hot outside. Bristol and Jake chased their toys while I ran as hard as I could to keep up with them. It was gorgeous outside and we had a great time. It tasted snow good...hehe, I have to humor myself a little.

Here are some pictures that mom took of us while we played:

Snow on the railing


Bristol wearing her sweater. (The Vizslas get cold)

Digging in the snow.

Pretty wonderland

Very cloudy sky


Nice cold seat available

Snooping through the snow

Running to mom

Chasing Jake

Oh what fun we had that day! Maybe we will get some more snow. I really like this cold weather.


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