Sunday, December 12, 2010

Obedience Meeting #2

This past Thursday, mom and I went to my second obedience training meeting. Mako, my sister, and I were the only two pups there. We practiced several commands including: forward, sit, stay, down. and ignoring distractions that were on the floor such as wrapping paper, bows, and kids toys.

It was a really good meeting. The place that were were in was decorated with all kinds of Christmas trees donated by various businesses (same place as the last meeting) so there were plenty of distractions. Mako, her raiser, mom, and I all took pictures with each other.

I actually got to go to work with mom for the very first time. We took an hour lunch break to go to the meeting and practice before going back to work. I liked going to work with mom even if I had to sit in my kennel while she got her work done. Maybe I can go again some time. It's a great experience going to work.

Mako and her mom at the Santa chair

Mako, her raiser, mom, and I

Next puppy meeting will be at a restaurant for our Puppy Raiser Christmas Party. Can't wait for this. All of the raisers who had a dog matched this year will get a special treat. That is almost all of the raisers in our group since they were repeat raisers and all had littermates to each other.

Our dogs that have been matched this year are: Otto, Hugh, Dave, Dexter, and Duchess.
Dogs currently at the school for IFT: Sandy, Riley-Jack, Laura, Ranger, Cameron, and Spunky.
Career changed dogs are: Legion and Rudy.
Current Puppies-In-Training: Wayne (me), Mako, Doc, Emmy, SNAP, and CW.

All of these dogs deserve something special in their stockings from Santa for being such wonderful dogs. Our group is moving right along with the training of these pups. :)

Bye for now,


  1. What is your secret? When Honey, and her brother, Moose, get together at meetings, they just jump all over each other! Every picture of them together is a blur of black fur!

  2. Well we had to hold them really close to their collars for this one. I think we had someone take a few shots before we got one that was decent. LOL They were excited to see each other at the beginning of the meeting but we kept our distance from each other to keep the pups under control.