Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sad Conclusion

Wayne's Mom here,

I have made a very important decision involving Wayne. I have decided to let another raiser finish him for me. I have decided that with my full schedule at work and home life, I do not have a whole lot of extra time to spare. He has been getting to his regular meetings and he has done well and I do not want to let my schedule get in his way. I do have some difficulty with making the meetings myself, but I make sure Wayne is there at least since it is mainly for him and I have raised several dogs in the past. That does not mean that I will never raise another puppy, now is just simply not the time for me. When the timing is right down the road, I will be raising again.

This is a very hard message for me to type and there are so many emotions involved. I and sad that it has come to this, but as someone told me, he has been given a second chance for success. It is hard to let that little, well not so little anymore, ball of fur go. There is only one other day compared to this time, and that is In-For-Training day when raisers let their dog go after having them for at least one year. I already miss that sweet boy, but I know that he is well taken care of. He will be close by, as the raiser he is with lives near here, and I can still go to the meetings so I'll get to see him again.

We will blog again soon on his progress,
Wayne's Mom

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Puppy camp

Wayne here,

I will be going on my first puppy camp tomorrow afternoon. I will get to go to work with mom in the morning and get a good bath in the grooming shop so I will be all clean! I am kind of excited to find out what this puppy camp thing is all about. Wish me luck and hope that I get a good report when I get back.