Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wayne - looking good on Twitpic

Wayne - looking good on Twitpic

Wayne's First Report Card

Hello all,

I have gotten Wayne's first report card! It looks great. He is working on several things at the moment. He is still a breeder candidate. We shall see how my sweet boy does. He is still the goofy puppy he has always been according to the trainer. See for yourself:

Note: There will be X's by the items Wayne is currently working on.

X FORWARD : Dog surges forward on command without encouragement
X STRAIGHT LINE CONCEPT: Dog should walk in a straight line, avoiding obstacles, until the
team reaches the curb, steps or an obstruction that blocks the path of travel
X DOWN CURBS: Dog stops at the end of curb or ramp before leaving the sidewalk and crossing
the street
UP CURBS: Dog stops at the curb or beginning of wheelchair ramp before stepping out of the
street and onto the sidewalk and crossing the street
CLEARANCES (OBSTACLES, OVERHANGS) : Dog moves handler around objects on
handler’s right side
TRAFFIC: How the dog reacts and works in traffic
OFF CURB TRAVEL: travel on roads that do not have sidewalks

BEHAVIOR: Behaviors exhibited during training

COMMENTS: Wayne is a sweetheart and so cute with those puppy eyes. We have just begun training and are working on down curbs. He is doing well and catching on quickly. He loves taking the treats, but can be a little feisty getting them from my hand, but takes them more gently after I tell him “easy”.

He is looking good.

Wayne's First Mommy

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

IFT Day Is Set

Hello there,

Wayne's IFT day has been set for October 29. He will be joining all of the puppies from his litter and another litter that was born the same day. There are a total of 21 dogs going IFT this day. That's a lot of dogs! I hope my little boy does well in his training.

Wayne's 1st Mommy

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

I just wante to wish a very Happy 1st Birthday to Wayne, Doc, Emmy, Mako, Honey, and all the other puppies from the "V10" litter!!!!

Also a very Happy 1st Birthday to Hedy, Waffles, and all of the other puppies from the Maggie litter that were born the same day as Wayne!!!! How exciting, Southeastern had two litters born the same day.

Wayne will be coming back my way Labor Day weekend so I will get to go see him and spend a little bit of time with him then. I haven't seen him in a month and a half, so I am anxious to see how much he has grown and matured. His 2nd raiser mom has some special exposures with him in mind when he comes down this way. I am curious to find out what they will be doing.

Wayne's 1st Mom

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Charlotte Outing

Wayne got in some good training last week.in Charlotte. Another raiser, CW, Wayne, and I all took a nice trip to Charlotte to explore and expose the dogs to as many new things as possible.

We had to walk down a sidewalk that was lined with bird "business" which was a great distraction for the boys. Both were trying to sniff the ground to find out more about this mess. We entered Charlotte by way of the lightrail train. Both digs did great down-under's and stayed there the whole 15-20 minute ride. We got off the train and walked though a nice little park that has huge rock art made from different gems and such displayed. Neither of the dogs were disturbed by any of the pieces, not even the giant cat. We took pictures with a few of the different art statues.

Next we walked the streets. It was a busy day and getting warm quickly, It was good that the dogs got to work in the heat, they are going to need to get used to it before they go down to Southeastern. There were lots of men and women in business attire, people in casual clothes, people riding bikes, and lots and lots of food. We practiced finding and stopping at curbs, walking though crowds, and crossing streets with heavy traffic around us. Both dogs did so good.

After a while of navigating the streets, we decided we would go inside and work the dogs. We went in a building and went all the way up to the 27th floor and back down again. We walked around inside a mall for a little bit. We ate lunch inside the mall and the boys did yet another great down-under and stay while we ate.

We spent quite a few hours walking around in Charlotte getting all kinds of exposures. The boys got to see fountains everywhere and walked on metal stairs, walked through big crowds, and rode on the lightrail train.  We rode the train back to where we parked. By 1:00 in the evening, the amount of people on the train had tripled. We raisers had to stand up about the whole ride back while CW and Wayne had to manage to stay out of the way while not sliding on the floor at the same time. We walked past the same stretch of bird poop which was less of a distraction this time.

CW and Wayne both slept the whole way home and most of the rest of the day. It was a great outing.

Will post pictures soon,
Wayne's Mom

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sad Conclusion

Wayne's Mom here,

I have made a very important decision involving Wayne. I have decided to let another raiser finish him for me. I have decided that with my full schedule at work and home life, I do not have a whole lot of extra time to spare. He has been getting to his regular meetings and he has done well and I do not want to let my schedule get in his way. I do have some difficulty with making the meetings myself, but I make sure Wayne is there at least since it is mainly for him and I have raised several dogs in the past. That does not mean that I will never raise another puppy, now is just simply not the time for me. When the timing is right down the road, I will be raising again.

This is a very hard message for me to type and there are so many emotions involved. I and sad that it has come to this, but as someone told me, he has been given a second chance for success. It is hard to let that little, well not so little anymore, ball of fur go. There is only one other day compared to this time, and that is In-For-Training day when raisers let their dog go after having them for at least one year. I already miss that sweet boy, but I know that he is well taken care of. He will be close by, as the raiser he is with lives near here, and I can still go to the meetings so I'll get to see him again.

We will blog again soon on his progress,
Wayne's Mom

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Puppy camp

Wayne here,

I will be going on my first puppy camp tomorrow afternoon. I will get to go to work with mom in the morning and get a good bath in the grooming shop so I will be all clean! I am kind of excited to find out what this puppy camp thing is all about. Wish me luck and hope that I get a good report when I get back.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mmm That Smells So Good

Wayne here,

Mom and dad went out to eat tonight for dad's early birthday along with the baby and his parents. We went to a nice steakhouse for supper. We sat at a small booth and, of course, my place is under the table. I would much rather be up there with the humans getting to savor their nice meals. I did get to eat before we left the house but, being a Lab, I am always ready to eat at any given time- you just say the word. I am NOT allowed to eat any people food of any kind. Hey, I can dream can't I? Anyways, I have to lay under the table like a well-behaved boy until my raisers are ready to go. Still being somewhat young, I did move around a little and even tried to sneak a crumb of food and failed in my attempt thanks to mom. They all ate their steaks and then desserts and we left the restaurant.

When we left, we jetted across the parking lot to the Petsmart. I have never been in a pet store this big since there is not one close by our house. I really liked getting to see the fish, others dogs that came in with their owners, guinea pigs, mice, and birds. There were so many smells and things to see that it was hard for me to focus even being out of coat. Lots of people gave me pats on the head and told me I am a handsome boy. They were excited to hear that I am a puppy in training for the blind.

We left Petsmart after browsing for a good half hour, we went across to the other end of the parking lot to a Best Buy which is Dad's favorite store. We looked around at numerous things and then we left to come back home. It was a good evening for us all to spend time together.

Will blog again soon,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Assisted Living Home Visit 2/24/11

Mom, CW, his raiser, and I all decided to take a trip to an assisted living home in our area for a meeting. It was a nice exposure that was full of new smells, people that we have never met before, and equipment that we have never encountered. This trip is part of an assignment that each person in our group has to complete within the next month. We are to visit our local YMCA and a nursing home or at least something of that nature.

We got there this morning at around 10:30 this morning and right off we were exposed to construction equipment. The sounds and the people didn't bother us one bit. They are remodeling the front of the building. We wrang the doorbell to be let inside the building and are greeted by a very friendly woman who was so happy to see two very hansome Lab boys with their moms.

She brought us inside and we got a nice little greeting from her, then she started showing us some rooms where the residents greeted us with open arms. We brought so much joy to their faces and we were even told that we had made their day brighter. How great that made us all feel. :) We stopped in several rooms along this one hall and we had gotten so much love and attention from each resident we visited, I thought I could stay there all day and just be petted. We moved along to another hall and were greeted by other residents who also gave us a fair share of attention, then we met another woman who took us on a tour of a third hall. This time, CW and I were in seperate rooms from each other. One of us dogs was visiting one resident as the other dog visited another. We covered more groud that way and it wasn't quite as overwhelming to the residents when we entered one at a time. They really liked to see us. One couple in this home was celebrating their wedding anniversary today and I was the one who got to go in and greet them. They had baloons in their room, flowers, and even some decorations on their door (of course there were a few decorations throughout the assisted living home anyway). 

When we were done visiting on this hall, it was time for us to go. Mom had to go to work in a few hours and we didn't want to overwhelm the residents as it was getting close to their lunch time anyway. As we were exiting the building, the lady who took us on the second half of the tour told us to come back again and that she thought it was nice of us to come and visit. She knows the residents enjoyed it.  We will have to do it again sometime soon.

As for me, I went home and slept. It's hard work being so cute and getting so much attention!

Bye for now (it's bedtime),

Outing With Mom Yesterday

Wayne here,

Mom decided to take me for a walk in town to do some extra traffic work. We parked at the local post office and walked along the sidewalks, crossing streets, and waiting for the traffic to clear so that it was safe to cross. This was the first time I had walked in my big boy collar, the choke chain. Mom had never used one on me before but I didn't mind it at all. I didn't pull her, I just stayed right by her side as we navigated the streets.

We crossed several streets and then walked back on the other side of the street. After we had walked a couple of blocks back, mom decided to stop at a little garden area and take some pictures of me and practice some obedience training outside of our home. She made me sit, down, stay, comeheel, and forward on a little platform area that was shaded. I did good. The noise in the background and the change of scenery were great distractions. At times it was hard for me to focus.

Here are some photos that mom took of me while we practiced our obedience:

After mom was done with the pictures and practicing with me, we decided to head back to the post office where we parked. We got back to the car, got our package that we were going to send off and went inside the post office.

We mailed off our package and then went back home so mom could get ready for work. It was a fun little outing. There will be plenty more outings like this one in my time.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Go To Work

Yesterday mom took me to work with her. It's been a little while since I have gotten to do that, so I really enjoyed getting to spend the whole day with her. Working at a pet store sure looks like fun!

During the first part of the morning, I had to sit in the grooming shop in a kennel while she got settled into work and put up a shipment that always comes early. She finished that task, then decided to take me out to busy since I did not go when we first got to work. Well....I did nothing again. We came back inside and mom had to start on another task, so I got to sit in the kennel again. I did really good sitting in there with the dryers going on a couple of the dgos that had just had a bath, watching the groomer give dogs baths, and watching her groom the dogs. My friend Zeus, a Husky, got there bright and early with me so that he could be groomed, so I had a friend there. CW, a puppy in our group and housemate of Zeus, was going to the vet that morning to have his top canine teeth cut out since they have not fallen out.

Anyways, mom came and got me a little bit later to help her with her current task...cycle counts (counting product that we have on-hand as opposed to what the system says we should have). I did okay out in the store with her. She says I am getting into my "not listening to mom" stage, but I was just really excited to get to be with her and in a different place.

We left work at 1 p.m. and decided to go to a nearby nursing home to set up a visiting time for CW and I. That is a prject that we puppies will have to complete in the nect month or two. At the nursing/assisted living home, there were lots of people doing construction trying to make the place bigger. I got some really neat exposures here, ones I don't get often. I got to see roped off areas, people in hard hats, and hear and see construction materials/tools.Inside the assisted living home, there were walkers people used to support themselves, new smells, tvs on, people laying in their beds, some walking around, and carts that carried medicine and other supplies. What a neat place for me to visit.

When we left that place, we decided to go to Lowes to pick out some paint strips because mom is wanting to paint the inside of the house. I got to help pick out a couple different colors. She picked up what she thought she wanted and we went back to our car to wait for dad so he could give mom the baby.

They talked for a few minutes and then me, mom, and the baby all went home. We were all tired so we decided to take a nap before mom got started baking cakes for her training classes toinight. They had their graduation from the 6-week obedience course that mom was teaching and she was making their cakes-humans a dogs. Mom made some cupcakes for the dogs with carrots, peanut butter, and a few other ingredients and I even got to try one, which I loved it!

What a busy day it was for us. Will blog again soon.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cameron on Twitter Again!!

Mom just got word that the last dog she raised, Cameron, is on Twitter again for his second time! She also received his training report yesterday and it looks great! She is so proud of him and, when the time comes for me to be where he is now, she knows that I will make her just as proud.

Here is a picture of Cameron working his mall route today:

Here is his training report that mom received yesterday:


DOG:  Cameron
Tattoo:  3N09
Date:  February 7, 2011

Training Phase: Phase 2

++ - exceeding expectations       + - meeting expectations       W=working on
Accepts harness
Straight line concept
Down curbs
Up curbs
Indoor mall
Off curb Travel
Left, Left
Right, Right


Food scavenging

       Small animal

Kennel behavior

He is moving right along in his training. Mom will receive something like this when I go IFT.
Puppy Love,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Out With Mom

Today I got to go out with mom and pay a bill and do a short downtown walk. We walked about two blocks one way, navigated the sidewalks, and crossed busy streets. It was a great outing for me. There were several distractions on the sidewalks like acorns, food, and miscellaneous other things. I walked over man hole covers, water meter covers, and little bumpy black sqaures. None of these things bothered me onebit! Mom was proud of me. We walked our two blocks back and then decided to head home so she can get ready for work tonight.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Obedience Meeting Yesterday

Wayne here,

I had an obedience training meeting last night which was our regular monthly meeting. Mom was not able to attend this meeting since her trainging class started half an hour after our meeting, so dad took me instead. He said I did good for him and mom was happy. Her meeting went well and my meeting went well, so we all were happy. (In case you missed it, mom teaches obedience training at her workplace.) What more could we ask for?


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pictures of me Jan 22, 2011

Mom took a couple of pictures of me today since she hasn't done it lately. She is making you all miss out on my growing. I am getting pretty big and am growing so fast! Time sure does fly by. I will be 5 months old at the end of this month, can you believe that?


My Teeth

Wayne here,

Yesterday mom found two of my baby teeth in the carpet. They are two of my back teeth. She has been wondering why I have been chewing on so much lately, now she knows. They are quite small and almost flat, so at first she thought they were small bits of paper the baby might have left on the floor, but no, she stopped to pick them up and found out they were my teeth. well, that's two more big boy teeth soon to be in.

Take care,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go To Jail...

Wayne here,

Mako and I had a puppy meeting today, and guess where we went....to jail. No we didn't actually have to go to jail today and our raisers did not get arrested. We took a little field trip to our courthouse for an exposure outing to see what it is like getting a pat down, riding elevators and such.

It was a really nice trip. There were a lot of things that we got to do today that mom said she hasn't done before with her other puppies. The man that was showing us around took us on an elevator down to an empty courtroom after the session was over and let us explore the area learning things we may not have known before. After we explored the courtroom, we went back into an elevator and arrived at the holding cell. This is where they keep people that are brought in before they are processed into the court system. We got to go in the cell since there was no one occupying it at this time and look around. We even got to see a metal toilet....yes, I did say it was METAL. Interesting..... Anyway, we go back into the elevator to go down to the basement level which comes to a long tunnel that leads to the jail cells. This tunnel runs under the parking lot and goes directly to the jail area. Pretty neat if you ask me. The only thing in this tunnel are the pipes that are used for cooling and a couple of lights. We didn't actually go into the jail area, we just went to the door. Well, we went back up the tunnel, into the elevator, and came back up to the main floor of the courthouse to conclude our tour. The man who showed us around was really nice and offered to let us come back any time, even during a court hearing (except for domestic violence cases on Wednesdays which can get pretty rough).

Mako and I, along with our raisers, went outside to do some sidewalk work for a little while for an extra exposure. We crossed the busy road via the pedestrian crosswalk and were walking on the other sidewalk when all of a sudden I have to stop and pee while wearing my coat and people are passing by in their cars. Well at least I did it outside and not in the courthouse, but still, I was wearing my coat and I had already ignored mom's chances to let me busy before we started our outing. I finished and we resumed our outing as if nothing had happened. We cross a few more intersections, stop to take some pictures, and walk down a couple of other sidewalks. Mom and Mako's raiser had noticed that I was acting funny and walking in a strange way, so they figured I needed to poop and they gave me a little opportunity to go, but did I?, no. Ignoring mom again for the third time we kept on going. On the way up one hill, I decided that I had to poop right then and there, so I did! It wasn't exactly firm, and it was hard for mom to pick it up. Unless she has the baby with her, she doesn't normally carry wet wipes, but Mako's mom has come to the rescue lending her one or two. Yay for accident #2 in coat...NOT! I know better, but at least it was outside on a new surface. No, I shouldn't have done it in my coat regarless of whether or not I had been given opportunities to go potty. Hopefully, I don't have another intestinal infection like I have last time that is causing my 'business' to be loose. Crossing my paws that I don't.

Anyways, the outing was a really good one and we got to do a lot of new things. The other puppies really missed out on the exposure we got today. Two of them are on puppy camp and the other two live in another state.

Take care,

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Here is a picture if mom's last dog that she raised, Cameron. He is currently at Southeastern finishing his guide dog training and is doing very well! Mom is so proud of him.

  One day Mom will receive a picture of me in a harness similar to this one.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Snow Day!!

Wayne here,

Today we had some more snow! It started late last night and continued on to this morning sending about 3 inches of snow our way. It was really pretty to wake up and everything is covered in a fluffy, white blanket. The snow was all powder to start off with, but as the day went on, we have gotten some ice on top and it is very crunchy outside right now. Anything that has melted during the day has quickly become ice. Tomorrow morning will be a lot worse than this morning.

Mom took us three dogs out this morning to play while her baby slept (she is already sick and didn't need to be outside any more than necessary) and we had a blast! We kicked up the snow everywhere we went. I love snow! It is so soft and cold.

When we all came inside, us three dogs decided that is was time for a nap while mom read a book. At least it is warm inside our house and not windy! I hate it for the people who have to get out in this mess in the morning. They are going to have a time getting to and from work! Mom and dad are both scheduled to work tomorrow night, hopefully the roads won't be too bad.

Have a great day and enjoy the snow if you got some!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Puppy Obedience Class 5 of 6

Today mom and I had to attend my fifth obedience class (Puppy Kindergarten). It was just me and Mako at this class. We parcticed several commands that we already knew, plus a few that we are currently working on. It was nice getting to see my sister again. We have really grown since we have seen each other last and this was before Christmas!

We took some pictures with one another, so you can really tell that we have grown and you can also see how much Mako and I look alike. It would be hard to figure out who was who in the photos if you didn't already know. :)

Here we are together:
Hi there!

Mako and one of her raisers

Me, Mako's mom, and then Mako. Yeah Mako and I look a lot alike!

synchronized puppies

Yes I am sitting on Mako's mom's lap :)

Being a good boy looking at the camera for mom.

After the meeting in our normal place, we decided to go to a nearby park where there were a lot of kids playing, light traffic, and kid playground equipment. I have never seen anything like it yet, so this was a new one for me. We walked across some of the equipment (small holed walkways and plastic stairs) which did not bother either of us puppies one bit! Half of the little kids at the playground rushed over to pet us when they noticed that we were near. We greeted for a short amount of time, walked around the swings, and then it was time to go home so I could eat my supper. Mmmm super, my favorite time of day, next to morning of course when I get my breakfast. Take care,   Wayne

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Pictures


Morrow Mountain

Wayne here,

Mom and Dad have taken their baby, Bristol, Jake, and I all to Morrow Mountain this afternoon for a nice little trail hike. Morrow Mountain is really close to our house, but it is a true mountain. It's more or less a really, really big hill with some trails to hike, almost like a mountain.

Anyways, it was really fun walking on the gravel trails, slipping on the wet leaves and busting our butts, and stepping over some small trees that have fallen. We slid down several times due to the wet leaves almost dragging mom down the hillsides. Mom was walking me and Jake, and both of us are wanting to pull on our leashes while Dad is walking Bristol, who is not pulling the slightest bit, and carrying the baby or holding her hand.

At one point, we were all walking on a bank FULL of wet leaves, none of us have any traction whatsoever. Jake and I are pulling, mom is trying on hold on to our leashes while giving is collar corrections to make us slow down. Well, Jake slips down the bank a little bit (it's not a steep hill that he will slide down and surely die), mom is still hanging on to him and keeps him from sliding too far and slides down on her butt, and then I slip on the leaves, but at least I didn't go anywhere. Dad is climbing up the bank, while holding onto Bristol's leash and carrying the baby under his arm and her shoe somehow comes off of her foot and goes flying 4 feet down the bank into a bed of leaves. Mom can't help but burst out laughing at the mere sight of the flying shoe while trying to stand up and hold on to us boys. It was almost all she could do to catch her breath from laughing so hard to go down into the bed of leaves to fetch the shoe. Finally, she gets it and we all continue hiking up this little bank to get back on the main road to head back to the starting point of this trail.

At last, all tired individuals have reached the starting point of this trail. I think I was about ready to pass out at the point. I think I was happiest being on solid ground! It was fun, though. I think we all had a good time releasing our energy and spending time with each other. We don't get to all go out together since Bristol and Jake only have access to places allowing pets. I am going to be one tired puppy tonight.

Before we left, Mom decided to take a little detour up to the pool area for a few minutes, and on the way, we encountered 12 really nice deer who are not afraid of people at all. These deer are so tame, that people camping in this area can pet them with no trouble. The deer just walk straight up to you. They walked pretty close to the car even with Bristol and Jake whining as loud as they could in the very back. They just perked up their ears and stood there watching us. These deer were really curious to see if we had any food to spare, but no we didn't. They probably wanted to see what the funny-looking deer were doing in the back of our car since Vizslas look a lot like a deer minus the white tail and underbelly. Mom even let me get out of the car to sit and watch them. I have never seen a deer before, but I liked them. I wanted to go play but mom wouldn't let me, so I had to get back in the car to go home and eat.

That's just it, we went home and ate. Time for a short puppy nap and then some obedience training in a little bit. It has been a good day.

Bye for now...

P.S. Check out my next post which will be of the Christmas photos when mom took me to have my pictures made.