Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coming Home to NC

Wayne here,

Hello, nice to meet you. I am a puppy in training for Southeastern Guide Dogs. I am a black Lab puppy. I will be here with my raiser and her family for roughly one year before I return to the guide dog school. My raiser also has a blog for the last dog that she raised which is currently back at the school finishing his training. If you would like to read about his adventures too, go to:

As for me, I will be blogging about my adventures just like he did. I hope you enjoy reading about me.  Here we go...

My mom and dad picked me and two other siblings up at the school on November 6, 2010 after bringing back her last dog and another raisers dog the previous day and we headed to our new home here in NC. My two siblings will not be living with us, but they will be part of our Puppy Raiser Group that meets together to have our monthly Obedience Training meetings as well as exposure outings. I will actually have three siblings in our group: Doc and Emmy (both live in VA with their raiser families) and Mako (lives in NC very close to my house). Doc is a yellow male, Emmy is a yellow female, and Mako is a black female.

Anyways, my raisers picked us up and we drove all the way home to NC without any one of us getting sick on the long car ride. Of, course we stopped or food, gas, and potty times, but none of us were sick and that was great! Mom was so proud of us all. We arrived at my house at 10:30 that night and Emmy and Doc spent the night with me. Mom and dad picked up their baby from her grandparents' house and we got to meet her for the first time. We all slept soundly together which was nice....especially for my raisers' sake.
After a decent night's sleep, we all got up around 7 the next morning and were ready to eat. Our Area Coordinator's husband picked up Emmy and Doc shortly after breakfast and took them to meet their new raisers.

I have been here in my PR home for a  few weeks now and I am still working on the housebreaking, but am doing good with it. Every now and then I will have an accident, but that's par for the course I guess.I have been to several small stores and I have done well with that. I will be attending my 2nd meeting tonight, but this meeting is going to be the start of my 6-week Obedience Course that I must pass. I will do good. I know a few commands so far like: sit, stay, come, working on forward, no, and working on drop it. I am a smart little boy and mom loves me.I have learned a couple of lessons so far in this home: never lick an outlet and don't touch the inside of an oven door when it is open...they hurt.


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