Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pictures of Me

Wayne here,

Mom and I have been trying to get some pictures of me on here and I think we finally got it. Here we go...

  This photo is a little blurry. This one was taken a couple 
of days after I arrived in my raiser home.

                                I am sitting on the towel where the water bowl is supposed to be.

                                                    Looking tired and I am comfortable.        

                                              My raisers' baby is making sure I drink my water.

                                         Asleep in my kennel after a trip to Wal-Mart. My kennel
                                       door is not shut so I could come out any time I was ready.

                        I would rather take a nap then eat. How many times do you see a Lab do that?

More pictures of me to come. It is late I think mom and I will go to bed now. Maybe post some more pictures tomorrow.