Thursday, December 2, 2010

Obedience Training Meeting: Class 1 of 6

Wayne here,

Today was the start of a 6-week course of OT that we 'little ones' must pass. This is the beginning phase that all puppies must go through. We will continue to have regulaer OT meetings each month, but this is the only required time we have to go 6 straight weeks. During this time we will learn the basic commands such as: sit, down, stay, come, and forward. Depending on each pup's progression and what the raiser chooses to teach, determines if we can learn a couple more commands. We are taking this time slowly to make sure that we all master each and every command before moving on.

There were only three of us at the meeting today since one raiser was not feeling well and the other two live so far away. That's okay though, we had a good meeting anyway. Here are some pictures of us at the meeting:

                                            Me and Mom

                                                                Gene and SNAP

                                                                  Jennifer and CW

                                        From left to right: Sue (AC), Jennifer with CW in her lap,
                                         mom with me in her lap, and Gene with SNAP in his lap.

It was a good meeting and I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

Puppy Love,

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