Thursday, February 24, 2011

Outing With Mom Yesterday

Wayne here,

Mom decided to take me for a walk in town to do some extra traffic work. We parked at the local post office and walked along the sidewalks, crossing streets, and waiting for the traffic to clear so that it was safe to cross. This was the first time I had walked in my big boy collar, the choke chain. Mom had never used one on me before but I didn't mind it at all. I didn't pull her, I just stayed right by her side as we navigated the streets.

We crossed several streets and then walked back on the other side of the street. After we had walked a couple of blocks back, mom decided to stop at a little garden area and take some pictures of me and practice some obedience training outside of our home. She made me sit, down, stay, comeheel, and forward on a little platform area that was shaded. I did good. The noise in the background and the change of scenery were great distractions. At times it was hard for me to focus.

Here are some photos that mom took of me while we practiced our obedience:

After mom was done with the pictures and practicing with me, we decided to head back to the post office where we parked. We got back to the car, got our package that we were going to send off and went inside the post office.

We mailed off our package and then went back home so mom could get ready for work. It was a fun little outing. There will be plenty more outings like this one in my time.


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