Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mmm That Smells So Good

Wayne here,

Mom and dad went out to eat tonight for dad's early birthday along with the baby and his parents. We went to a nice steakhouse for supper. We sat at a small booth and, of course, my place is under the table. I would much rather be up there with the humans getting to savor their nice meals. I did get to eat before we left the house but, being a Lab, I am always ready to eat at any given time- you just say the word. I am NOT allowed to eat any people food of any kind. Hey, I can dream can't I? Anyways, I have to lay under the table like a well-behaved boy until my raisers are ready to go. Still being somewhat young, I did move around a little and even tried to sneak a crumb of food and failed in my attempt thanks to mom. They all ate their steaks and then desserts and we left the restaurant.

When we left, we jetted across the parking lot to the Petsmart. I have never been in a pet store this big since there is not one close by our house. I really liked getting to see the fish, others dogs that came in with their owners, guinea pigs, mice, and birds. There were so many smells and things to see that it was hard for me to focus even being out of coat. Lots of people gave me pats on the head and told me I am a handsome boy. They were excited to hear that I am a puppy in training for the blind.

We left Petsmart after browsing for a good half hour, we went across to the other end of the parking lot to a Best Buy which is Dad's favorite store. We looked around at numerous things and then we left to come back home. It was a good evening for us all to spend time together.

Will blog again soon,

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