Thursday, February 24, 2011

Assisted Living Home Visit 2/24/11

Mom, CW, his raiser, and I all decided to take a trip to an assisted living home in our area for a meeting. It was a nice exposure that was full of new smells, people that we have never met before, and equipment that we have never encountered. This trip is part of an assignment that each person in our group has to complete within the next month. We are to visit our local YMCA and a nursing home or at least something of that nature.

We got there this morning at around 10:30 this morning and right off we were exposed to construction equipment. The sounds and the people didn't bother us one bit. They are remodeling the front of the building. We wrang the doorbell to be let inside the building and are greeted by a very friendly woman who was so happy to see two very hansome Lab boys with their moms.

She brought us inside and we got a nice little greeting from her, then she started showing us some rooms where the residents greeted us with open arms. We brought so much joy to their faces and we were even told that we had made their day brighter. How great that made us all feel. :) We stopped in several rooms along this one hall and we had gotten so much love and attention from each resident we visited, I thought I could stay there all day and just be petted. We moved along to another hall and were greeted by other residents who also gave us a fair share of attention, then we met another woman who took us on a tour of a third hall. This time, CW and I were in seperate rooms from each other. One of us dogs was visiting one resident as the other dog visited another. We covered more groud that way and it wasn't quite as overwhelming to the residents when we entered one at a time. They really liked to see us. One couple in this home was celebrating their wedding anniversary today and I was the one who got to go in and greet them. They had baloons in their room, flowers, and even some decorations on their door (of course there were a few decorations throughout the assisted living home anyway). 

When we were done visiting on this hall, it was time for us to go. Mom had to go to work in a few hours and we didn't want to overwhelm the residents as it was getting close to their lunch time anyway. As we were exiting the building, the lady who took us on the second half of the tour told us to come back again and that she thought it was nice of us to come and visit. She knows the residents enjoyed it.  We will have to do it again sometime soon.

As for me, I went home and slept. It's hard work being so cute and getting so much attention!

Bye for now (it's bedtime),

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