Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Go To Work

Yesterday mom took me to work with her. It's been a little while since I have gotten to do that, so I really enjoyed getting to spend the whole day with her. Working at a pet store sure looks like fun!

During the first part of the morning, I had to sit in the grooming shop in a kennel while she got settled into work and put up a shipment that always comes early. She finished that task, then decided to take me out to busy since I did not go when we first got to work. Well....I did nothing again. We came back inside and mom had to start on another task, so I got to sit in the kennel again. I did really good sitting in there with the dryers going on a couple of the dgos that had just had a bath, watching the groomer give dogs baths, and watching her groom the dogs. My friend Zeus, a Husky, got there bright and early with me so that he could be groomed, so I had a friend there. CW, a puppy in our group and housemate of Zeus, was going to the vet that morning to have his top canine teeth cut out since they have not fallen out.

Anyways, mom came and got me a little bit later to help her with her current task...cycle counts (counting product that we have on-hand as opposed to what the system says we should have). I did okay out in the store with her. She says I am getting into my "not listening to mom" stage, but I was just really excited to get to be with her and in a different place.

We left work at 1 p.m. and decided to go to a nearby nursing home to set up a visiting time for CW and I. That is a prject that we puppies will have to complete in the nect month or two. At the nursing/assisted living home, there were lots of people doing construction trying to make the place bigger. I got some really neat exposures here, ones I don't get often. I got to see roped off areas, people in hard hats, and hear and see construction materials/tools.Inside the assisted living home, there were walkers people used to support themselves, new smells, tvs on, people laying in their beds, some walking around, and carts that carried medicine and other supplies. What a neat place for me to visit.

When we left that place, we decided to go to Lowes to pick out some paint strips because mom is wanting to paint the inside of the house. I got to help pick out a couple different colors. She picked up what she thought she wanted and we went back to our car to wait for dad so he could give mom the baby.

They talked for a few minutes and then me, mom, and the baby all went home. We were all tired so we decided to take a nap before mom got started baking cakes for her training classes toinight. They had their graduation from the 6-week obedience course that mom was teaching and she was making their cakes-humans a dogs. Mom made some cupcakes for the dogs with carrots, peanut butter, and a few other ingredients and I even got to try one, which I loved it!

What a busy day it was for us. Will blog again soon.


  1. Wow, it seems Wayne is really getting around and with lots of great exposures. I just want to know how you have him trained not to jump on people. A nursing home visit with Honey would lead to patient injuries!

  2. I wish I could get him out more than what I do. He finally got to go to work with me. It's been a few weeks since he has gotten to do that. He knows that when he is greeting someone he cannot move from his sit-stay and he is not allowed to puppy nip as he likes to try and do to me every now and then. If he moves, he gets a firm correction and placed back into my desired position. He did really well at the nursing home. His tail was held high and he was curious. Right now, we have trouble getting him to leave clothes and other soft objects alone. He will actually reach on my bed and get things off.