Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go To Jail...

Wayne here,

Mako and I had a puppy meeting today, and guess where we jail. No we didn't actually have to go to jail today and our raisers did not get arrested. We took a little field trip to our courthouse for an exposure outing to see what it is like getting a pat down, riding elevators and such.

It was a really nice trip. There were a lot of things that we got to do today that mom said she hasn't done before with her other puppies. The man that was showing us around took us on an elevator down to an empty courtroom after the session was over and let us explore the area learning things we may not have known before. After we explored the courtroom, we went back into an elevator and arrived at the holding cell. This is where they keep people that are brought in before they are processed into the court system. We got to go in the cell since there was no one occupying it at this time and look around. We even got to see a metal toilet....yes, I did say it was METAL. Interesting..... Anyway, we go back into the elevator to go down to the basement level which comes to a long tunnel that leads to the jail cells. This tunnel runs under the parking lot and goes directly to the jail area. Pretty neat if you ask me. The only thing in this tunnel are the pipes that are used for cooling and a couple of lights. We didn't actually go into the jail area, we just went to the door. Well, we went back up the tunnel, into the elevator, and came back up to the main floor of the courthouse to conclude our tour. The man who showed us around was really nice and offered to let us come back any time, even during a court hearing (except for domestic violence cases on Wednesdays which can get pretty rough).

Mako and I, along with our raisers, went outside to do some sidewalk work for a little while for an extra exposure. We crossed the busy road via the pedestrian crosswalk and were walking on the other sidewalk when all of a sudden I have to stop and pee while wearing my coat and people are passing by in their cars. Well at least I did it outside and not in the courthouse, but still, I was wearing my coat and I had already ignored mom's chances to let me busy before we started our outing. I finished and we resumed our outing as if nothing had happened. We cross a few more intersections, stop to take some pictures, and walk down a couple of other sidewalks. Mom and Mako's raiser had noticed that I was acting funny and walking in a strange way, so they figured I needed to poop and they gave me a little opportunity to go, but did I?, no. Ignoring mom again for the third time we kept on going. On the way up one hill, I decided that I had to poop right then and there, so I did! It wasn't exactly firm, and it was hard for mom to pick it up. Unless she has the baby with her, she doesn't normally carry wet wipes, but Mako's mom has come to the rescue lending her one or two. Yay for accident #2 in coat...NOT! I know better, but at least it was outside on a new surface. No, I shouldn't have done it in my coat regarless of whether or not I had been given opportunities to go potty. Hopefully, I don't have another intestinal infection like I have last time that is causing my 'business' to be loose. Crossing my paws that I don't.

Anyways, the outing was a really good one and we got to do a lot of new things. The other puppies really missed out on the exposure we got today. Two of them are on puppy camp and the other two live in another state.

Take care,

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