Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Snow Day!!

Wayne here,

Today we had some more snow! It started late last night and continued on to this morning sending about 3 inches of snow our way. It was really pretty to wake up and everything is covered in a fluffy, white blanket. The snow was all powder to start off with, but as the day went on, we have gotten some ice on top and it is very crunchy outside right now. Anything that has melted during the day has quickly become ice. Tomorrow morning will be a lot worse than this morning.

Mom took us three dogs out this morning to play while her baby slept (she is already sick and didn't need to be outside any more than necessary) and we had a blast! We kicked up the snow everywhere we went. I love snow! It is so soft and cold.

When we all came inside, us three dogs decided that is was time for a nap while mom read a book. At least it is warm inside our house and not windy! I hate it for the people who have to get out in this mess in the morning. They are going to have a time getting to and from work! Mom and dad are both scheduled to work tomorrow night, hopefully the roads won't be too bad.

Have a great day and enjoy the snow if you got some!

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